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  • The Achievable Path to Climate Protection

    The impact of global warming will be devastating. The primary cause is depending mainly on fossil fuels for energy and unconstrained emissions of carbon dioxide. The international community must take positive and comprehensive actions to revolutionize the global energy system and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Developing countries play an important role in this process.

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  • Kalundborg Symbiosis: The World's First Industrial Symbiosis

    What is exemplified in Kalundborg Symbiosis is how industry can be part of the solution to ensuring a more sustainable society and it is a demonstration of the decoupling of economic growth from natural resource use.

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  • Why Can Jieshou's Circular Economy Develop Healthily and Rapidly? — Misunderstanding of Circular Economy and Practice in Jieshou

    Located at the border of Henan and Anhui Province, the city of Jieshou is the northwest gate of Anhui Province. It covers an area of 667.3 square kilometers with a population of 802,000. Since 2004, Jieshou relying on the renewable resources, has cultivated two comprehensive utilization industries of recycled metal and recycled plastic, to accelerate the development of circular economy. In recent years, the circular economy industry in Jieshou has maintained a high growth momentum. The contribution rate of circular economy to Jieshou industry has always retained above 70%. Circular economy not only supports the economic development of Jieshou healthily and rapidly, but also generates multiple benefits in economy, society, resources, ecology, etc. The practice of the Jieshou shows that only by steadfastly taking the road of environmental protection, innovation, large-scale and standardized development, can circular economy develop in a healthy and rapid manner.

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